THE POND - Live Action Short Film

The Pond
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A heartbroken young woman sets about scattering her husband's ashes on the pond in an apple orchard they both loved. But the waters of the pond hold a secret, and when a stranger appears unexpectedly, the very fabric of reality is ripped apart and she must choose between sacrifice and oblivion.

Starring Alicia Witt (I Care A Lot, The Walking Dead, Nashville) and David Morse (The Green Mile, Disturbia, The Hurt Locker). Written and directed by Dan Hannon.

"There are some true cinematic gems in the secret world of short form moviemaking. One of those gems is The Pond … A deep and heartwarming film, it achieves in 20 minutes what many films fail to do in two hours." MovieMaker Magazine

Official Selections:

  • Palm Springs International ShortFest (World Premiere)
  • LA Shorts Fest
  • Rhode Island International Film Festival (Directorial Discovery Grand Prize)
  • New Hampshire Film Festival (Best Short Drama)
  • Sofia Independent Film Festival
  • St. Louis International Film Festival
  • USA Film Festival
  • Maui Film Festival
  • Philadelphia Independent Film Festival
  • HollyShorts Film Festival
  • Maverick Movie Awards (Best Actor Nominee)
  • Kiev International Film Festival
  • ShortsHD At The Movies (Theatrical Premiere)
  • BendFilm
  • Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival
  • Aesthetica Short Film Festival
  • Anchorage International Film Festival
  • ShortsTV - The Short Movie Channel (TV Premiere)
  • Boston International Film Festival
  • NewFilmmakers New York
  • Monadnock International Film Festival


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Drama, Fantasy
Suggested Rating
R (Language, Violence)
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22 minutes

THE POND - Live Action Short Film

0 ratings
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